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Anyone that’s been a Raising Mighty Arrows’ reader for any length of time knows that I am a big fan and promoter of dressing modestly

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I was recently contacted by the company Halftee.  You may or may not be familiar with this company yet.  I wasn’t, but am so glad I can say we’ve been introduced.

First of all, what is a Halftee?  It’s an undershirt that is “all-style, no hassle“!

I like it already!

Halfteethe new way to layer“.

Amanda, the designer of the Halftee, was trying to nurse her third baby and trying to manage TWO shirts.  She thought, like most of us, “Why can’t they come up with a half shirt that provides the modest coverage an undershirt provides in the neckline and cap sleeve, but ditch all the extra length?”  Boy, is she brilliant!

Thus, after having baby #5 the light bulb went off and the beautiful birth of Halftee took place.  It’s so precious it brings tears to my eyes!  ;)

The Halftee comes in different styles, sizes, and colors; such as the Tank, Boyfriend, 3/4 Sleeve, and Long Sleeve.  I have personally tried and fell in love with the Boyfriend Halftee.  Sizes range from XS to XXXL.  Colors to choose from are White, Brown, Cream, Black, Pink, Red, Gray, and Navy. {I’d say that should just about cover all of us in the different styles, sizes, and colors!}

You can see here in the picture that the Halftee is NOT modest in itself as it comes just below the bustline, BUT putting it under a low neck shirt makes for a very modest top AND it’s perfect for nursing mothers.  Can’t you just imagine feeding that sweet little one without having to deal with a lot of extra clothing?

I will definitely be using mine when Baby #3 arrives next month.

  • No bunching
  • Less Heat  {perfect for Summer attire}
  • No hassle

Another awesome feature of the Halftees are that they can be turned around backwards for extra neckline height.  Think this neckline is too low for you?  Simply turn it around and voila!  It’s no longer too low!

The Halftee would be a special surprise for anyone to receive this Christmas, for a Birthday, or even a Baby shower gift.  Halftee is graciously giving all of you a 15% discount using code ARROWS15 at checkout {code is case sensitive}.  AND, for everyone that places an order using code ARROWS15 will be entered into a drawing for a FREE Halftee!

Halftee also offers FREE Shipping on orders $100+.  With the coupon code and free shipping you should be able to buy yourself several Halftees or take care of all the girls/ladies on your Christmas list. 

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  1. I just discovered Halftee myself, last week. LOVE their products!

    So happy to find a modest tank that works for pregnancy, nursing, and everything in between!