I FROZE for Missions!: 24 Hour Cold Water Challenge

For the past week or so my Facebook Newsfeed has been flooded with 24 hour cold water challenge videos! It took me watching several videos and asking around to finally understand what the fuss was all about.

Various churches have started a challenge to raise money for mission work, particularly in support of Marcelly’s Dream. Marcelly is the 7 year old adopted daughter of a missionary couple. One night Marcelly awoke from a very vivid dream in which she says Jesus told her she would preach the Gospel to children in Africa. You can find out all about the mission of Marcelly’s Dream on their website.

So what is the 24 hour cold water challenge?

It’s basically where you submerge yourself into cold water and then challenge others (usually about 3 other people) to do the same thing within 24 hours through a video you post on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

In the case of the challenge my husband and I accepted last week once we submerged ourselves into the water and challenged others to do the same, we were also committing to buy a T-shirt from a particular church that reads “I Completed the 24 Hour Cold Water Challenge… & FROZE!” The proceeds from the T-shirts are being used to provide clean drinking water in Africa through Marcelly’s Dream. T-shirts are $10 (although we mistakenly said $20 in our video).

This challenge was very unexpected for me. My husband had already been challenged so I was pretty sure that when we left home last Thursday afternoon to get pizza he was going to find a body of water to jump into. However, I had no idea he’d be challenging me to jump into the lake before we got home! Without any clothes to change into after I came out of the water, I definitely felt frozen by the time I got home!

Most of the videos have been absolutely hilarious to watch. At one point I just wanted to sit and watch these crazy people all night long. I follow the 24 Hour Water Challenge Facebook page and they’re always posting new videos.

Would you like to see the video my husband and I put together?

Of course you do!!! Since most of you have never “met” me, here’s your chance to see a little glimpse into our crazy and fun life!

So, what’d you think? Are we crazy, or what? ;)

Have you taken the challenge? Feel free to post your video on my Facebook page.

Oh, and since we’re almost to 1,000 views on YouTube, why not share the video to push us on over (and mostly to spread the word about a great & fun cause to support).


  1. Good afternoon,
    I was called out last night to do the challenge…guess I’ll jump today:) I’d like to purchase a shirt but haven’t heard our church offering that…can you tell me more?

    • Hi Jen,

      So glad to hear you’re on board for the challenge! It was a lot of fun for us, but even better knowing we’re supporting a good cause. If you follow through with the challenge, you may acquire a T-shirt by calling Heritage Church of God at 251-843-5300. The cost is a donation of $10.00.

  2. I just happened upon your blog and this post caught my eye. My daughter and several from my church has also been challenged. WOW!! Your husband had a long drop. Haven’t browsed around enough to see where you live but it looks like it’s still cold there. We’re in Florida but the water is still cool because we had an unseasonably cool spring.
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